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Cannon's Crash Course

Cannon is eager to ride his new bike, but there’s just one problem. He doesn’t know how.  Impatient for help, Cannon decides to teach himself.  When one misstep followed by another leads to disaster, Cannon feels defeated.  Surprisingly, he finds the encouragement he needs from the most  unlikely person.  


This adventure in verse is sure to delight!

Cannon's Crash Course
Changing Seasons


This little girl has a big decision to make.  This story takes you through her thoughts as she decides. As a result, you get a glimpse of a year in her life as she takes you through every season. This story sprinkled with African American culture keeps you guessing. 


This book was inspired by Mon Trice's 5-year-old year old son.  One hurried morning after he had firmly decided upon oatmeal for breakfast, he changed his mind to eating cream of wheat and back again to oatmeal. This flip flop gave Mon Trice the concept for this book and Tanesha was born. 

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