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Mon Trice was born in East Saint Louis, IL and spent most of her childhood there. At an early age she chose books over toys and often made up stories and plays.  During the teenage years, the family moved to St. Louis where she attended Mehlville Sr. High School.  After receiving her B.S. in Psychology from Southeast Missouri State University, she obtained her MBA Degree from Lindenwood University.


Mon Trice is a publisher, author of 3 children’s books, a poet, and Co-Founder of Focus GSD a life skills consulting company. 


Mon Trice is a humanitarian at heart, offering her time and energy to such causes as March of Dimes, Jump Rope for Heart, Junior Achievement and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  


Her entrepreneurial spirit and desire for children’s literature to reflect our pluralistic society is the passion that drives her.


She believes children should see themselves reflected in the literature they read. Inadequate representation and in some cases lack of representation sends a damaging message of being unimportant.  It is her firm belief that if elementary literacy statistics can be used to forecast the number of prisons to build, those same statistics can be used to keep those cells empty, one book at a time. She finds it criminal to hand a child a sentence before you teach him to read one.


Mon Trice now resides in St. Louis, Mo with her husband and son,

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